Call for Proposals

This is a call for proposals for your Sept. 25, 2020 NDEC Conference.

Deadline: Aug. 28.
Email to

Our commitment to our conference is best learning practices in developmental math and English, local initiatives, unique approaches to challenges. This will continue. However, as we have had to make a strong commitment to improving our remote instruction strategies—teaching online—an emphasis will be on proposals that invite application in this context.

In proposals, provide a title and a paragraph explanation about the purpose and goals for your presentation as well as a brief description how what folks can expect for the experience. Expect a 45 minute session via Zoom conference. Individuals or co-presenters are eligible to submit.

Share this invitation to our stake-holders: academic/success coaches, instructional designers … anyone who has an interest in supporting student success and retention.

Deadline: Aug. 28.  Email to

This will be our fifth instructional-powered conference. In challenging times, we rise to lift our students. Consider a proposal. Mark your calendars.