NDEC Scholarship

A New Commitment

As instructors of students who are often most at risk of not completing a college degree a lot is asked and a lot is given. This is mission-driven work and most of us know there are many variables that impact persistence and completion other than academic support and motivated students.

Using NDEC  to connect one another to this mission on a grand Nebraska landscape, we are demonstrating a unified purpose to deliver this message of ongoing, renewed commitment to our students. We share resources, challenge one another to explore new approaches, and recognize excellence. We work together.

This year, we are taking on an additional action step to raise enough money to support a state-wide scholarship that reaches an endowed level by spring of 2021. Students in our NDEC communities will be able to apply and compete based on financial need, experience in developmental coursework, and current enrollment.

Together we make the biggest difference.

We will NDEC scholarship

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