How to Contribute a Blog

If you are a community college developmental English instructor in Nebraska, please consider contributing a post.

Email NDEC at In the subject line put “Blog Idea”.

Blog topics can range across so many topics:

  • your classroom experiences about practice, curriculum resources, and/or pedagogy
  • campus structural change or lack thereof related to developmental English
  • Commentary regarding a policy or research you’ve read about

I don’t want to limit the topics that may be important but those are some ideas. If you have questions, inquire via the email.

Write 300-750 words, be sure to edit carefully. Include your name, a short bio (where you teach and anything else), and your office phone number to reach you if the editor has questions.

Attach your post as a Microsoft Word document or in rich text format. Provide a title.

We will try to run a new blog at least once a month, maybe more.

Thanks for your interest.