2022 Conference Approaching

Our 2022 Conference is scheduled Sept. 22-23, 2022. 


About the Consortium

We are a group of teachers from Nebraska community colleges who invite other developmental English and math faculty and instructional support staff to build this state-wide community that shares resources and energizes one another. Please explore the website & attend the conference. To contribute a resource or idea, email us: staff@nebraskadeved.org.


From Our Blog

Principle 1: How Do We Value Our Students?

February 4, 2020

By Phip Ross From the Council on Basic Writing Blog “Towards a Position Statement on Basic Writing,” our NDEC folks began to explore the meaning of the five principles shared here at our October 2019 conference in Lincoln. In small groups we discussed the implications of these principles and imagined how we might revise them…

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A Culture of Hope

November 17, 2019

By Cheney Luttich I arrived home late last night feeling heavy. My husband greeted me at the door, took my bags, and served me dinner while I sprawled out on the sofa, exhausted. After asking me how my day went, I told him midterm conferences were a wrap. He looked at me knowingly because he…

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Trauma-Informed Teaching

November 3, 2019

By Shelley Stoltenberg If you attended the Nebraska Developmental Education Consortium Conference this fall, you heard my presentation during lunch. Thank you to all who visited with me after the presentation and expressed your interest in this topic. Let’s keep the conversation going by reviewing some of the highlights here. Trauma-Informed Teaching is about working…

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