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About the Consortium

We are a group of teachers from Nebraska community colleges who invite other developmental English teachers (reading & writing) to build this state-wide community that shares resources and energizes one another. Please explore the website & attend the conference. To contribute a resource or idea, email us:

From Our Blog

OMG Where Did My Essay Go: Why Digital Literacy is Crucial in Developmental English

May 3, 2018

By Jessie Lovett Allen A student gripping a laptop approached me in a panic because she had accidentally deleted her essay file. I said, “Did you bring your laptop to the tech support office?” Of course I’d given students tech support contact information. Heck, the helpdesk office was across the hall from our classroom. But…

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The Language of Dis-/Connection

April 29, 2018

by Phip Ross Two observations from the Lincoln Journal Star newspaper in the past seven days make me want to be alert to how language is used to label and narrow our understanding of one another. Tell me what you think. Last week in the advice column by Amy Dickinson—I do read this on occasion…

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Creative Inspiration from NDEC 2017 Conference

February 28, 2018

This quarter I went full throttle and just made every activity a collaborative or visual project. (That’s full throttle for me, anyway.) Maybe my colleagues have seen some of the things my students have done on the classroom walls? I usually don’t implement so many projects into my courses, so I’m curious as to what…

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