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About the Consortium

We are a group of teachers from Nebraska community colleges who invite other developmental English teachers (reading & writing) to build this state-wide community that shares resources and energizes one another. Please explore the website & attend the conference. To contribute a resource or idea, email us:

From Our Blog

Taking Aim at Stereotype Threat

May 18, 2017

Greg walked into his class and felt dread, eyes upon him, and felt stupid before he even sat down. During class, the teacher roamed the room to answer questions. Greg, however, felt ignored and alone. He was the only African American in a first-year course at SCC. As the quarter progressed and students tested out,…

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Desirable Difficulty: Making It Hard on Purpose (Sometimes)

March 27, 2017

This academic year, I’ve been taking courses at Landmark College (VT), a four-year institution that admits only students who are neuro-diverse or students who, at my institution, would have accommodations. The current two-month course on student engagement, self-regulation, and motivation has just begun. The instructors are on staff at the college through its Landmark College…

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Practical Strategies for Supporting the English Language Learner

November 14, 2016

The first class I ever taught was a developmental English class. I didn’t do a very good job with it. I was a first-semester graduate student in my early 20s, filled with big ideas about philosophy and literary theory, and those topics probably made it into my class inappropriately from time to time. My training—a…

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