Educator of the Year

NDEC Educator of the Year: Nomination Information
Deadline: End of May


Whereas NDEC is an informal network of adjunct and full-time developmental English and math faculty primarily from two-year Nebraska colleges . . .

Whereas developmental education is a professional field of educational scholarship and pedagogy . . .

Whereas NDEC strives to support and recognize the collaboration and excellence of NDEC faculty . . .

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NDEC proposes to annually celebrate one instructor for his or her contributions to developmental education with the award of “NDEC Teacher of the Year” on the basis of one or more of the following criteria meeting excellence:

  • Classroom Instruction & Student Interaction

Comment: Teacher inspires all students to learn; makes material accessible to all students, stays up-to-date with best developmental education practices, experiments with new teaching and learning strategies, and applies for grants to help enhance instruction

Earn respect by serving as role models for students and have best interests of students in mind; goes beyond interacting with students on an instructional level and works to meet developmental, affective, and non-cognitive needs as well

Works to empower students to advocate for themselves while modeling and encouraging self-regulation and success strategies

  • Professional Action

Comment: Relationships with colleagues has earned respect, regularly collaborates with colleagues, including the NDEC network, and assumes leadership within home institution and statewide; takes interest in educational issues and policies and conducts research and writes, invests in the professional growth of colleagues

The award will be named to a Nebraska 2-year college faculty member who is nominated in one or more letters that addresses one or more of the former standards. A nomination letter may be written by a fellow colleague(s) and/or an administrator. Letters must be signed and include contact information.

Judging the nominations and selection of one faculty worthy of recognition will be determined by curriculum vice presidents once a year. If no nominations meet a degree of excellence, no award will be named.

LETTERS OF NOMINATION must be emailed by May 31 to Stacey D Barnard-Dorn for consideration.